Our Cars

1937 Daimler Pillarless Saloon

Seats 2/3

Being the photographers favourite, this car is well matched to a bride and 1 or 2 attendants. It pairs beautifully with our 1937 Daimlar EL24 Limousine.  

1937 Daimler EL24 Limousine

Seats 5/6

Being the largest of the fleet, our Daimler EL24 will comfortably carry 5/6 passengers, making it an ideal car for a Bride with more than 1 or 2 attendants or a beautiful car for your bridesmaids.

1934 Austin York

Seats 5/6

Our Austin York and the Austin Chalfront are a great pair. The Austin York is the perfect car for you or your bridesmaids if its a close matching pair you are looking for.

1935 Austin Chalfront

Sea​ts 5/6
After lots of enquiries for a matching pair we managed to get extremely close with our two Austins! Having white wall tyres and a limousine petition behind the drivers seat, the Austin Chalfront is opted for by a lot of our brides as it provides that extra bit of privacy.

1965 Ford Mustang

Seats 2/3
​​Our ​beautiful Ford Mustang is proving to be extremely popular with both brides and grooms to be. We have also taken bookings on this car as a surprise for unsuspecting grooms for their big day!